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Child adoption is very exciting event. BNT Travel Group helps families arrange adoption trips more easily and less expensive.

We are able to respond rapidly to our client’s needs. Whether you are traveling for the first time or returning to bring back a child, we will customize the travel arrangements to fit your specific needs. We work closely with Consulates, Airlines, Hotels & Tour Operators in an effort to coordinate all phases of travel – both here and abroad.


Countries serviced


The Russian adoption program has remained relatively stable, and is one of the top countries from which Americans choose to adopt. In 2005, U.S. citizens adopted approximately 4,639 children from Russia. Children available for adoption include boys and girls, ages 10 months and older, healthy and special needs. These children reside in orphanages, and represent a variety of ethnicity such as Asian, Gypsy, Mediterranean, and Caucasian.

Travel required: 2 trips. First trip approximately one week, second trip approximately 2-3 weeks.

Other: Post-placement follow-up required for three years, at 6, 12, 24, and 36 months. Children must remain on the adoption registry for six months without being adopted by a Russian family before families outside Russia will be considered.



The State Department on Adoption and Children's Rights (SDA) is Ukraine's new adoption authority. International adoption have started in September 2006 with the 1,200 families who already have approved dossiers. New dossiers will be accepted for processing in January 2007.
In 2005, U.S. citizens adopted approximately 821 children from Ukraine. Children available for adoption include toddlers from 15 months of age, older and special needs children. These children reside in orphanages.

Travel required : At least 1 trip, usually 2 trips. Both parents (if married) must travel. Each trip may last from two to six weeks.

Other: Unlike many other countries, Ukraine does not permit pre-identification of children. The child identification process is done during adopting parents' visit to the country.



The Kazakhstan adoption program has been growing in popularity in recent years. In 1998, it didn't appear on the list of the Top 20 sending countries, and in 2005, it was at number six: during fiscal 2005, U.S. citizens adopted approximately 755 children from Kazakhstan. Children available for adoption are healthy infants, toddlers, and school-aged children, as well as older and special needs children, and represent a variety of ethnicity including Asian, Eurasian, and Caucasian. The children reside in orphanages.

Travel required: 1 trip, approximate. 15-35 days. Both parents (if married) must travel for the first two weeks to identify and meet the child, and one can remain.

Other: No pre-selection of children is allowed; matching is done in-country. Post-adoption registration is required and failure of families to comply could affect the future of the program. Post-placement supervision required for three years.


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