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Don’t wait until you get your travel notification to start preparing for your adoption trip. The more organized you are at the outset, the more you can actually enjoy traveling in your child’s birth country.

Things get forgotten or overlooked when people are stressed or rushed – and you’ll be experiencing both of these feelings when you’re trying to buy airline tickets and get out of the country so you can finally be with your child. While you’re waiting to get your travel call, plan what you need. You’ll be glad you did when it’s finally time to pack!
In your spare time, keep yourself busy with the following:

  • Passports - Get your passports in order. If they are close to expiring, renew them at once. Many countries will not let you in if your passport is within six months of expiring. There are no rules against renewing your passport early.

  • Visas - If you need entry visa to your child’s country, get that process underway, too. If you have questions regarding obtaining the visas, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you to obtain your visa as quick as possible.

  • Airline and /or Train tickets. Contact to your adoption travel consultant in advance to get wise advise. Research with your travel agent the cost of airline tickets to your destination so you won’t be blind-sided by this figure when it comes time to travel. Book some flight options. Good Travel agency has great special contracts with almost all airlines.

  • Organize your adoption papers for traveling. Triple check that you have every document that you need to bring with you, and make sure you have photocopies of everything.

  • How’s the Weather Do some research to find out the typical weather in the region. What are the expected temperatures? These are things you need to know!
  • Buy Toys. Search for new travel-sized age-appropriate toys for your child. If you are buying toys for current children, don’t let them see the toys until the trip. A new toy is always a better distraction than a toy they’ve already played with.
  • Sightseeing Decide if you are going to travel a little early to do some sightseeing during your trip. Read travel books and call your travel professional to find out what you shouldn't’t miss seeing and what you should simply give a miss.
  • Read. Purchase language and culture books and read them ahead of time. Knowledge is power – if you know what will give offence (like sitting with your legs crossed or touching someone on the head) you can avoid committing a faux pas. Also know the latest travel news
  • Write it Down. Put together a travel journal with all the names, addresses, and phone numbers of your in-country contacts (such as adoption agency workers, embassy information, and hotel information). If you find yourself in a stressful situation where you need this information pronto, you certainly don’t want to have to rummage through all your bags trying to locate it.



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