European SPAs

SPAs have been popular in Europe for centuries. SPAs were founded around natural mineral and thermal springs: the waters were used both for drinking cures and for bathing and topical applications. It was discovered centuries ago that natural mineral waters had beneficial health properties, and their use as well as the use of mineral mud, peat, mineral salts.

Czech SPAs

The Czech spa tradition is an inseparable part of European cultural heritage, and thanks to the high quality of the natural therapeutic springs it has earned an exceptional reputation and respect in the Worldwide mind.

The use of the most advanced therapeutic and rehabilitative methods combined with traditional use of natural mineral water, mud, natural gas and the climate makes the Czech Republic a European superpower in the field of spa treatment and wellness. Their location in the heart of Europe means the Czech spas are also easy to reach.

Whether you are sick or well, a lover of tranquil places or social life, in Czech Republic you will find excellent recreation, tried and tested effective treatment methods, pleasant surroundings, a rich cultural, social and sporting life, entertainment and a break from everyday stress, and it follows that it will be your health that benefits most.

Just like many others before you, you will be charmed by the country’s romantic hills, old monasteries and churches, elegant spa buildings with remarkable architecture, promenade concerts and quiet parks. Here you will find superb hotels offering the best in comfort and professional services, restaurants competing with each other with their wide array of delicacies and many other associated services.

BNT Travel Group is proud to have professional European Spa travel agents on staff who will help you to make right decision in choosing right spa resort that will fit your needs, arrange air and land portion of your trip. Spa Package deals are available to almost all Czech Republic destinations such as Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), Marianske Lazne (Marienbad ), Podebrady, Jachymov, Teplice and many others.

Escaping from cell phones, laptops and the hustle and bustle of everyday life to focus on personal well-being is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. So pamper yourself in atmosphere of relaxation, and accept our invitation to the country of spa colonnades, where many famous people used to come and still come.






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