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Karlovy Vary. SUPERIOR Hotels & SPAs

The fame of Karlovy Vary has spread into the whole world thanks to its mineral springs. There are 13 healing springs rising in the spa. Their basic compositions are similar but they differ in temperature and the amount of carbon dioxide, and that is why their effects are different as well. The colder springs usually have a slightly purgative effect while the warmer ones make the production of bile and stomach juices slower. The strongest is the spring Vridlo, rising from the depth of 2000-3000 meters. The temperature reaches 73° C. The temperature of the other springs is around 40° C. The springs cure mainly metabolic disorders; they are also used for inhalations and baths.

The foundation and development of Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) has always been inseparably connected with the soothing curative effect of its warm mineral springs. The mineral springs marked the history, architecture, economy and the whole spirit of the city. The springs have fascinated people and have stimulated them since the oldest times.

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The list of the Superior Hotels in Karlovy Vary we have deals with:

  • Ambiente Wellness & SPA Hotel
  • Aquamarina Hotel
  • Bristol Palaca SPA Hotel
  • Caikovskij SPA Hotel
  • Dvorak Hotel
  • Eliska Hotel
  • Ester
  • Georgij Haus
  • Imeperial
  • Kolonada Hotel
  • Kralovska Villa
  • Olympia Hotel & SPA
  • Panorama Hotel
  • Pavlov Hotel
  • Richmond Hotel
  • Sanssouci
  • Tereza
  • Thermal Hotel & SPA
  • Ulrika Hotel & SPA
  • Venus Hotel
  • Vysehrad-Smetana Hotel & SPA

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The reason for coming to Karlovy Vary for a spa treatment is the mineral hot water of the thermal springs contains essential chemicals beneficial for the treatment of severe chronic problems, mostly related to gastrointestinal disorders. Rain water seeps several meters underground through the porous granite rocks slightly dissolving the minerals present. When about 2 thousand meters below the earth's surface, it is heated by residual volcanic activity and saturated with carbonic acid and other dissolved chemicals. This mineral hot water creates an underground pressure; it is then easily pushed up through cracks in the rocks producing natural thermal springs. Some health remedies in Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) are free, including the hot springs. Several are housed in the Carlsbad's colonnade, along the street Vridelni.




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