Wednesday Sale

When did you use travel agent service last time? No doubt it was sometime prior to the emergence of online booking engines, which allow travelers to make their own airline ticket, hotel, cruise reservations online without resorting to the sometimes costly services of a travel agent. While "cyber" travel agents are making "real" travel agents obsolete, there are still plenty of reasons why some travelers prefer the real, live travel agent to the electronic variety.

BNT Travel Group specializes in selling cheap airline tickets , cruises and packages worldwide. Our special negotiated contracts allow you to get airline tickets, packages, cruises and other travel related services at most reasonable prices. We have no airline, cruise line or tour operator bias and offer whichever price is cheapest.

Give us a call on any Wednesday, make a reservation on any international flight, cruise line or tour package and pay for it on the same day.
You will get the following discounts instantly to already reduced and compatible prices.

$ 15 Off - Any international airline ticket price.

$ 50 Off - Any cruise line or tour package price.

Simply mention promotion code "Wednesday sale "
to your booking agent.

Don't wait. Customer care consultants are standing by.
Call us at
(800) 790-8960

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